A letter from Senator Collins’ former supporters

We voted for Senator Collins in the past. This year, we’re voting for Sara Gideon.

“Maine has a history of electing senators who proudly live up to our values — independence, tenacity, and a commitment to always fighting for Mainers.

“In the past, we believed Senator Collins lived out these values, and that’s why we voted for her. But this year we won’t be voting for her, because after 24 years in Washington, Senator Collins has changed.

“Senator Collins now delivers for special interests who fund her campaign, not Mainers. She jeopardized health care, voted to give billions of dollars away to big corporations, and put civil rights, reproductive rights and our environment at risk with her votes to confirm nearly all of Donald Trump’s far-right judicial nominees. That is not the record we expect from Maine’s senator. This year, we’ll be voting Sara Gideon instead.

“Sara listens to Mainers, and she has a proven record of fighting for us. As Speaker of the Maine House, she fought to expand access to affordable health care to tens of thousands of Mainers, protected people with pre-existing conditions, cracked down on big drug companies, and took bold action to fight climate change. Most importantly, Sara has shown that she will work with anyone to get things done to help Maine people. That’s what we need in Washington and that’s why we’re voting for Sara Gideon.”

Linda Aaskov, Sanford
Jesse Abbott, Scarborough
Jen Abbott, Scarborough
Gertrude Akers, Andover
Michael Anderson, Portland
Rona Backstrom, Oakland
Kathleen Berberian, Bethel
Gayle Birdsall, Bath
Anne Brooks, Edgecomb
Betty Ann Brown, Westbrook
Sarah Brown, York
Skip Brown, Westbrook
Susan Caldwell, West Bath
Muriel Campbell, Winslow
Paul Campbell, Winslow
Jonathan Carr, Scarborough
Virginia Charron, Berwick
Richard Charron, Berwick
Michael Conathan, South Portland
Karin Congleton, Topsham
Kathy Cooper, Newcastle
Phyllis L. Croll, Cherryfield
Treva DeMaynadier, Portland
Tom Denson, Harpswell
Barry E. Doughty, Millinocket
Duncan Dwyer, Searsport
Susanne Easton, Yarmouth
Christine Ferguson, New Gloucester
Ralph Ferguson, New Gloucester
Joan C. Flaherty, Yarmouth
Michael Flaherty, Yarmouth
Lori Frederick, Norridgewock
Chris Friel, Biddeford
Kristine Galasyn, Saco
Carla Gill, Portland
Dr. David H. Goodwillie, Kittery
Susan Graham-Rent, Gorham
Patti Gramse, Cape Elizabeth
Reed Gramse, Cape Elizabeth
Hunt Gressitt, Blue Hill
Valerie Griffin, Old Town
Bob Gundersen, Glenburn
Michael Haberkorn, South Berwick
Lou Harper, Sangerville
Wendy Harris, Biddeford
Mark Harrison, York
BettyAnn Haskell, Brewer
Brian C. Hawkins, Portland
Martha L. Hawkins, Portland
George Hess, Auburn
Bette Hoxie, Old Town
Martha Jackson, Perry
Julie Jenkins, Searsport
Nancy Jordan, Long Island
Bob Jordan, Long Island
Brian M. Jumper, MD, Falmouth
Yvonne Jumper, Falmouth
Mike LaChance, Brewer
Linda Laskey, Poland
Susan Lermond, Brunswick
Byron A. Lesuer, Millinocket
John Levesque, Augusta
Ann Levesque, Augusta
Nancy Long-Broughton, Kittery
Cynthia Longstaff, Waterville
Paul Marquis, Raymond
M. Brent Marriner, Wells
Sandra M. Marriner, Wells
Ernest Martin, Norway
Pam Maus, Owls Head
Lindsay McGuire, Belfast
Jesse McWilliams, Camden
Hilda S. Merckens, Manchester
Lawrence E. Merckens, Manchester
Shannon Merrill, Westbrook
Dan Moreno, Auburn
Burnam Morrell, Caribou
James J. Morris, China
Christopher Motyl, Scarborough
Cathleen Mulvey, Alfred
Nettie Nelson, Clinton
Bob Nelson, Clinton
Gary Nickless, Scarborough
Jennifer O’Connor, Portland
Eleanor D. Pancoe, LCSW, Mount Desert
Michael S. Pancoe, MD, Mount Desert
Stephanie Pandora, South Portland
Patricia Pelkey, Caribou
Alan Potthoff, Gorham
Gail Quinney, Biddeford
Deborah Ritchie, Swan’s Island
Tom Roberts, Berwick
Roger Sack, Mercer
Barbara Selwood, Winthrop
Peter F. Selwood, Winthrop
Margaret Shepp, MD, Portland
Shirley Simonitsch, Bristol
Shelly Simpson, Gray
Jason Singer, Portland
Lisa Smith, Gorham
David Smith, Sidney
Kathi Smith, Sidney
Jonathan D. Sproul, Scarborough
Wesley Staples, Swan’s Island
Louise Sullivan, Cape Elizabeth
Dr. Richard Sullivan, Cape Elizabeth
Colleen Tims, Cornish
Charlene Tucker, Brunswick
Krista Walker, Bath
Jeron Weinand, Kennebunkport
Breda White, Cape Elizabeth
David White, Cape Elizabeth
Brigitte White, Jay
Patricia A. Whitehurst, Biddeford
Penny Whitney-Asdourian, Scarborough
Dave Wilbur, Portland
Nancy York, Skowhegan
William York, Skowhegan

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