On the Road in Lincoln County

I traveled to Lincoln County to hear more about combating the opioid crisis here in Maine and our aquaculture industry.

Sara Gideon
Oct 22, 2020

I’ll be a senator who works to address the issues that matter most to Mainers, and in Lincoln County, this includes fighting the opioid epidemic and supporting Maine fishermen. I had the opportunity to spend a day on the campaign trail in Wiscasset and on the Damariscotta River.

I met with the Lincoln and Sagadahoc County Sheriffs at the Two Bridges Jail to hear more about the work we need to do together to tackle the opioid crisis here in Maine. As Speaker, I’ve worked to expand access to prevention and treatment programs and stood with Mainers in recovery, and I will continue that work in the Senate.

I also met with Smokey and Ryan, the owners of Pemaquid Oyster Company & Glidden Point Oyster Company. I went out on Smokey’s boat and learned more about oyster farming and how we can better support Maine’s fishermen in the Senate.

I’ve heard from Mainers in all 16 counties throughout the course of the campaign. I’ll be a senator who always puts hardworking Maine families first and delivers real results for our state, just like I’ve done as Speaker.

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Sara Gideon

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