Veterans for Sara

Sara Gideon
7 min readOct 17, 2020

More than 260 Maine veterans have pledged their support for our campaign because they’re ready for a senator who will fight for them.

Today, our campaign launched Veterans for Sara — a group of over 260 Maine veterans, representing each of Maine’s 16 counties, who’ve announced their support for our campaign. Veterans deserve a senator who will fight to give them the support and resources they need, which is what I’ve done in the State House and what I’ll continue to do in the Senate.

I’ve worked to improve access to quality health care, expand job training and educational opportunities, and increase access to mental health services. In the Senate, I’ll work to improve the VA and support veterans living in rural areas by improving broadband and telehealth, transportation, and our health care system as a whole. I’m committed to delivering real results for the people who’ve bravely served our country.

I’m so honored to have the support of the following members of Veterans for Sara:

Bruce Alley, Portland, U.S. Air Force
Rodney A. Anderson, Gorham, U.S. Army
William G. Anderson, Sunset, U.S. Navy
Allen E. Armstrong, Portland, U.S. Army
John Arnold, Portland, U.S. Navy
Stephen August, Bath, U.S. Air Force
Bill Bannon, Brunswick, U.S. Army
George Baron, Windham, U.S. Marine Corps
George Barton, Dover-Foxcroft, U.S. Army
John H. E. Baxter, Bath, U.S. Navy
Edmond J. Begin, Richmond, U.S. Navy
Stephen Bernstein, Belfast, U.S. Air Force
Frederick Beyer, Ellsworth, U.S. Air Force
Charles J. Birkel, Bangor, U.S. Air Force
Roger Bishop, Cape Elizabeth, U.S. Army
Normand C. Bosse, Litchfield, U.S. Marine Corps
Robert Bourassa, Wells, U.S. Navy
George H. Boyle, Thomaston, U.S. Army
Robert Breen, Brunswick, U.S. Army
A. Dwayne Brown, Jonesport, U.S. Navy
Arthur Brown, Westbrook, U.S. Navy
Mark V. Brown, Kennebunk, U.S. Air Force
John Bubar, Portland, Maine Air National Guard
James Bullard, Orrington, U.S. Navy
Burns Cameron, Standish, U.S. Navy
Blane A. Campbell, Topsham, U.S. Air Force
David Capuano, Brunswick, U.S. Army
Jimmy Carabello, York, U.S. Army
Randy Caron, Garfield Plantation, U.S. Navy
Raymond Cayford, Skowhegan, U.S. Navy
Richard Charron, Berwick, U.S. Air Force
Donald J. Chimera, Augusta, U.S. Air Force
Christopher Coggins, Bristol, U.S. Army
Ralph L. Cole, Presque Isle, U.S. Navy
Robert Collin, Cumberland Foreside, U.S. Army
Craig A. Collins, Scarborough, U.S. Navy
Thomas B. Colton, Scarborough, U.S. Marine Corps
John A. Conley, Turner, U.S. Air Force
Robert T. Conley, Brunswick, U.S. Marine Corps
Gary J. Conover, Windham, U.S. Coast Guard
Floyd A. Cook, New Portland, U.S. Army
Robert H. Corey, Portland, U.S. Marine Corps
Donald Corkran Jr., Palmyra, U.S. Marine Corps
Merrill Cousens, Eliot, U.S. Army
David J. Crandall, Kennebunkport, U.S. Air Force
Phil Crane, South Portland, U.S. Marine Corps
Leonard Crippen, Kennebunk, U.S. Army
Phillip Crossman, Vinalhaven, U.S. Navy
Alexander Joseph Cunningham, Bristol, U.S. Army
Gerald Curry, Union, U.S. Army
Richard Curtis, Gorham, U.S. Air Force
Robert Daigle, Camden, U.S. Navy
W. Norris Dale, Jr., Portland, U.S. Army
Jerry W. Davis, Berwick, U.S. Navy
George R. Dean, Brownville, U.S. Navy
Anthony DeBruyn, Yarmouth, U.S. Army
Paul Desfosses, Gorham, U.S. Navy
Brian J. Dobson, Bucksport, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserves, Army National Guard
Paul Dodson, Falmouth, U.S. Navy
George Doiron, Jay, U.S. Army
Robert Dorr, Waldoboro, U.S. Air Force
Newman M. Dorsey, Westbrook, U.S. Air Force
Robert Doucette, Searsport, U.S. Army
Roy Driver, Freeport, U.S. Coast Guard
Dan Duchette, Wells, U.S. Navy
Darryl E. Dunton, Livermore, U.S. Navy
Emile Paul Dupuis, Poland, U.S. Navy
Manford H. Durkee, St. George, U.S. Coast Guard
George F Earley, Portland, U.S. Marine Corps
Larry Edwards, Portland, U.S. Navy
Patrick Thereon Eisenhart, Lewiston, U.S. Coast Guard
Alan R. Fairbanks, Kittery, U.S. Navy
Donald R. Fellows, Lisbon, U.S. Navy
Hartley Fogg, Auburn, U.S. Army
William J. Foley, Brunswick, U.S. Coast Guard
Norman Forgey, Scarborough, U.S. Navy
Charles Fournier, Lewiston, U.S. Air Force
George Fraser, Freeport, U.S. Air Force
Charles B. Frost, Paris, U.S. Army Reserve
Marc Gagne, Old Orchard Beach, U.S. Army
William Gallant, Rumford, U.S. Navy
Stanley D. Galvin, Pemaquid, U.S. Army
Douglas C. Gendron, Kittery, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force
Jerry Genesio, Scarborough, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeff Georgia, Limerick, U.S. Navy
Frank Gifford, Rockland, U.S. Army
Paul Giroux, South Berwick, U.S. Navy
Chester W. Goggin, Freeport, U.S. Navy
David H. Goodwillie, Kittery, U.S. Army
Richard A. Gould, Greenville, U.S. Air Force
Stephen Graham, Buxton, U.S. Air Force
Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston, U.S. Army
McGregor Gray, Brunswick, U.S. Navy
Stuart C. Greene, Auburn, U.S. Navy
David W. Groff, Milford, Army National Guard
Thomas Guillemette, York, U.S. Navy
Paul K. Hafford, North Berwick, U.S. Air Force
John Hale, North Monmouth, U.S. Army
Terry Hamblen, Lyman, U.S. Army
Dennis Hamel, Bath, U.S. Army
Donald Hanning, Mapleton, U.S. Air Force
William P. Hansen, Surry, U.S. Army
John Hargreaves, East Boothbay, U.S. Army
John Hartman, Newcastle, U.S. Marine Corps
Robert J. Hawkes, Shapleigh, U.S. Army
Dean Henry, Southwest Harbor, U.S. Navy
Spike Herrick, Falmouth, U.S. Navy
George Hess, Auburn, U.S. Navy
Linda Hibbs, Palermo, U.S. Army
Jerry A. Hinton, Portland, U.S. Air Force
Roy A. Hitchings Jr., Camden, U.S. Army
Vernon L. Homer Jr., Skowhegan, U.S. Navy
Tom Hopps, Camden, U.S. Coast Guard
Scott L. Horton, Portland, U.S. Navy
William Howard, Old Orchard Beach, U.S. Navy
Donald Howlett, South Thomaston, U.S. Navy
Albion Huntley, South Portland, U.S. Army
Ronald L. Jacques, Auburn, U.S. Navy
Raymond Jean, Arundel, U.S. Air Force
Bruce M. Johnson, Hallowell, U.S. Air Force
Jim Kanak, Moody, U.S. Army
David Katende, Lisbon, Maine Army National Guard
Michael Steven Keeley, Rumford, U.S. Army
Bill Keller, Windham, Army National Guard
Thomas Keller, Brunswick, U.S. Army
Robert J. Kelley, Monmouth, U.S. Navy
Albert E. King, Dover Foxcroft, U.S. Army
David F. Kirkpatrick, Lincoln, U.S. Army
Richard Klain, Falmouth, U.S. Marine Corps
Greg Kneeland, Hermon, U.S. Air Force
Brian J. Knowlton, Dexter, U.S. Army
Dennis Kosciusko, Stetson, U.S. Army
Normand Laliberte, Auburn, U.S. Navy
Dallas W. Landry, New Portland, U.S. Army
Marcel G. LaRue, Augusta, U.S. Army
Ronald R. Lavigne, Old Orchard Beach, U.S. Air Force
William L. Lawry, Rockland, U.S. Navy
Zachary Lennett, Damariscotta, U.S. Marine Corps
Byron Lesuer, Millinocket, U.S. Air Force
Norman LeTarte, Orland, U.S. Navy
David Lloyd, Portland, U.S. Army
Diana E. Lloyd, Yarmouth, U.S. Army
Robert T. Lloyd, Yarmouth, U.S. Air Force
Dr. Thomas R. W. Longstaff, Waterville, U.S. Marine Corps
Richard Lord, Boothbay, Army National Guard
Albert G. Lorentz, Stockholm, U.S. Army
Bruce F. Lucarelli, Gray, U.S. Army
Emile Lugosch, Bristol, U.S. Navy
Carroll Lunt, Tremont, U.S. Army
John Mahoney, Chelsea, U.S. Army
Robert Mangini, Augusta, U.S. Navy
Paul G. Marquis, Raymond, U.S. Navy
M. Brent Marriner, Wells, U.S. Air Force
Jay Mauri, Cushing, U.S. Air Force
Michael McCarten, Kittery Point, U.S. Navy
Robert McCollum, Roque Bluffs, U.S. Navy
William T. McCullough, Brunswick, U.S. Navy
Jamie L. McFaul, Woolwich, U.S. Air Force
Carl McGee, New Gloucester, U.S. Air Force
Michael McMorrow, Whitefield, U.S. Navy
William E. McNiff, Damariscotta, U.S. Air Force
Richard Mears, Harpswell, U.S. Army
Bart Merrill, Dover-Foxcroft, U.S. Army
Joseph Michaud, Leeds, U.S. Marine Corps
Raymond J. Michaud, Jefferson, U.S. Army
Joseph A. Mokler, Augusta, U.S. Air Force
Donald Moody, Augusta, U.S. Air Force
William F. Morin, Topsham, U.S. Air Force
Bruce Morrison, Portland, U.S. Army
James A. Mroch, Bar Harbor, U.S. Army
Timothy Murphy, Peaks Island, U.S. Navy
Warren S. Nesbit, Skowhegan, U.S. Air Force
Alan Newton, Cumberland Foreside, U.S. Air Force
Wilbur Roscoe Nichols, Milo, U.S. Navy
Kevin O’Connell, Brewer, Maine Air National Guard
Dan O’Connell, Wiscasset, U.S. Army
Edmond Ouellette, Fort Kent, U.S. Army
Richard L. Ouellette Sr., Milford, U.S. Army
Neal A. Parent, Belfast, U.S. Air Force
Carl R. Pascal, Topsham, U.S. Army
Gerard L. Patry, Wells, Maine Air National Guard
David Patton, York, U.S. Air Force
George E. Paul, Bristol, U.S. Navy
James L. Peakes, St. Albans, U.S. Army Reserve
Christopher Perry, Lyman, U.S. Army
Thomas Perry, Bath, U.S. Air Force
Kimberly Powers-Candelmo, Westbrook, U.S. Navy
Joseph Prendergast, Buxton, U.S. Army
Thomas Rainey, Rockland, U.S. Navy
David L. Ranslow, Farmingdale, U.S. Army
Kim W. Reynolds, Harrison, U.S. Army
Russell E. Ring, Union, U.S. Air Force
Amy Robidas, Falmouth, U.S. Navy
Luis U. Rodriguez, Bath, U.S. Navy
Dick Rosenberg, Sabattus, U.S. Air Force
Ed Ross, Damariscotta, U.S. Army
Donald L. Roy, Standish, U.S. Army
Fern L. Roy, Lisbon, Army National Guard
Gilbert Roy, Oakland, U.S. Army
Larry Schneider, Ellsworth, U.S. Air Force
James Schutz, Cumberland, U.S. Army
Leonard Z. Shean, Yarmouth, U.S. Air Force
Bettyann Sheats, Auburn, U.S. Army
Rorie Short, Rockland, U.S. Army
Charlie Shoudy, Waterville, U.S. Army
James Sidelinger, Westbrook, U.S. Navy
Robert L. Simpson, Gardiner, U.S. Army
David Smith, Sidney, U.S. Army
Jim Smith, Wells, U.S. Army
Paul Smith, Lincoln, U.S. Navy
TH Butler Smythe, Blue Hill, U.S. Navy
Michael Stevens, Standish, U.S. Army
Roger J. Stevens, Old Orchard Beach, U.S. Army
Christopher Stultz, Whitefield, U.S. Army
Robert Tambling, Hermon, U.S. Navy
Robert Tenney, Augusta, U.S. Army
Michael Tewhey, Westbrook, U.S. Army
Jim Theriault, Rumford, U.S. Navy
Richard Thompson, Portland, U.S. Air Force
Alan Tibbetts, Sidney, U.S. Army
Richard E. Tinsman, Hampden, U.S. Coast Guard
Roger Tremblay, Sabattus, U.S. Air Force
Chris Turner, Gardiner, U.S. Navy
John Upham, Litchfield, U.S. Air Force
Forrester Valle, Washington, U.S. Coast Guard
John Van Dyke, Brewer, U.S. Air Force
William J. Ward Jr., Ellsworth, U.S. Navy Reserve
Robert Warrington, South Paris, U.S. Navy
Arthur W. Washburn, III, Penobscot, U.S. Navy
Russ Webber, Sr., Wells, U.S. Air Force
Michael Wedge, Hampden, U.S. Navy
Steven L. Weems, Brunswick, U.S. Army
Daniel E. West, Standish, U.S. Air Force
Tom Hillwalker Wheeler, Dixfield, U.S. Army
Bruce White, Pownal, U.S. Army
James T. Whitehead, Perry, U.S. Navy
Frederick F. Whitford, Stonington, U.S. Army
Robert Whynot, Yarmouth, U.S. Navy
Fred Wiand, China, U.S. Air Force
George Bruce Wiersma, Holden, U.S. Army
Jack Bruce Williams, Bangor, U.S. Air Force
Robert Williams, Lamoine, U.S. Navy
Peter John Wirth, Kennebunk, U.S. Army
Horace E. Worcester, Mexico, U.S. Army
Henry A. Gemery, Sidney, U.S. Army
Robert Buccina, Wiscasset, U.S. Air Force
Joseph S. Gagliardi, Millinocket, U.S. Army
Richard L. Archambault Sr., Arundel, U.S. Army
Joseph A. Harakall, Augusta, U.S. Army
Charlie Blair, Corinna, U.S. Army
John F. Navish, Kittery, U.S. Air Force
Arnold Aho, Boothbay, U.S. Air Force
Robert J. Saucier, Presque Isle, Army National Guard
Joseph (Joe) Gannon, South Berwick, U.S. Army
Carroll Payne, Plymouth, U.S. Marine Corps
Joseph William Glass, Sumner, U.S. Navy
Douglas Wall, South Paris, U.S. Army
Merle Hartford, Scarborough, U.S. Coast Guard
Rolla (Rocky) Stenger, Gouldsboro, U.S. Army
Robert M. Sargent, Sargentville, U.S. Air Force
Alden Sproul, Bristol, U.S. Navy
Gregory Ulrich, Kittery Point, U.S. Air Force
Ronald P. Michaud, Thomaston, U.S. Marine Corps
Brian Whiter, Woolwich, U.S. Marine Corps
Robert St. Pierre, Waterville, U.S. Air Force
John M. Rogan, Brewer, U.S. Army
John (Jack) E. Hornberger, Sullivan, U.S. Navy
Virgil Lynch, Island Falls, U.S. Navy
Jeff Schroeder, Port Clyde, U.S. Army



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